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Strategy for blackjack variationsoverlaps significantly, unless there are huge changes to the rules like those in Blackjack Switch. But there are always minor differences that you should know about if yoursquo;re trying to play things ldquo;by the numbersrdquo;, i.e. using statistics to achieve victory as often as possible. In time yoursquo;ll probably learn all of the correct moves to make when you have different hands but, until then, you can consult our free reference charts to improve your Perfect Blackjack strategy: By applying blackjack basic strategy when playing blackjack you effectively decrease the casino’s edge. If you follow the rules shown above without making any mistake, the house has a 0.55% edge against you. This means that for every 10 dollars you bet, you lose 5.5 cents long term. If you play 50 hands per hour, your entertainment will cost you about 3 dollars!