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The good news is that none of our finalists were noisy enough to wake up a sleeping toddler. The Shark 8211; Steam Pocket Mop and Steamfast 8211; SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner made no noise at all except for the sound of steam being released, and the remaining mops were equally silent once they heated up (after the first fill or refill, they make an initial “knocking” sound). If you wanted to use the vacuum function of the Bissell 8211; Symphony Pet, we might recommend waiting until after nap time. Technology Limited.© 2021 True Tidy Heavy Duty Steam Mop Why bring expensive, harsh chemicals into your home? These steam cleaners cut through stubborn grease and grime and kill germs with water and a microfiber pad. If you’re going to commit to cleaning certain floors with steam, you want to be able to clean all of that floor. The Bissell PowerFresh’s flexible joint and the shape of its cleaning head (rounded on one side, flat on the other) allows you to get right up against a floor edge, or into and around rounded areas. Its handle and tank can dip lower than most other steam mops, so the steaming head maneuvers underneath sinks and other furniture. The PowerFresh can also lock into a standing position, while most other steam mops make you find something to lean them against.