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One game that encapsulates all that is great about tower defense is Endless Siege. This game features all of that greatness, and a unique map every day. Bloons Tower Defense is back with an epic new installment! Loads of new tracks, loads of new towers, loads of awesome upgrades to purchase! How many bloons can you pop? $7.99 I have literally 60 super monkeys, I'm on wave 90 and I can't even place anything else cuz it's filled up with fully upgraded super monkeys so all I'm doing is setting here pushing the start button over and over, but other than that it's great, yes u should buy it +Offers in-app purchases. See Game For Instructions Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. The Bloons are back and this time they mean business! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular family friendly tower defense series in history.