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are cryptocurrency gains taxable, https://coin.wblog.io. Use it hassle free from Azure or from your Windows box Unicode support to use any characters, including emoji ????
Windows support - you can install it with npm on Windows just like any other module, there are no compiled dependencies.

"Auth a%fdgER@#gvv5sad#SJN23"
The user uses their bitcoin client to digitally sign "a%fdgER@#gvv5sad#SJN23"
The user enters their username and digital signature into the website, and normal login process continues. User is now securely authenticate via this digital signature. A Solution: Digital Signatures
If you have a bitcoin address, where bitcoin come from you have access to an as-yet-underused feature: bitcoin address Through ECDSA digital signatures, you may prove you control that bitcoin address without ever need to reveal a password or private key.
This could be used by any website, to eliminate any need for website passwords.
When you visit a website and need to login, the website displays a long random string, e.g.

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